• Continental Tower

Continental Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Continental Tower Location: Dubai Marina Status: Completed in 2016 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Uncomplicated in form, Continental Tower illuminates with a single line kind of facade lighting. Despite the linear effect, still, it impressively gleams around Dubai Marina.

Sofitel Hotel

Façade Lighting Services for – Sofitel Hotel Location: Downtown, Dubai Status: Completed in 201 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Embracing simplicity, Sofitel was designed with the minimal static light effect. The buildings’ two crowns, as well as the podium, are highlighted extravagantly despite the simple outline.


Orra Harbour

Façade Lighting Services for – Orra Harbour Location: Dubai Marina Status: On-Going Project. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Orra Harbour standing tall at Dubai Marina defines luxury by being one of the only buildings of its kind in the area. It is lighted up with simple yet very distinct Facade Lighting that emphasizes more its vertical dimension.

Saraya Tower

Saraya Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Saraya Tower Location: Abudhabi, UAE Status: Ongoing. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Multiple illuminations of RGB lighting with the best illumination in the location of Saraya, Abudhabi. The way of people living becoming more luxurious on the continuous generation of periods and the best example is shown by our lighting effect on…

  • Tourch Tower

Torch Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Torch Tower Location: Dubai Marina Status: Completed in 2016 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Since a very unique and spiral framework was done to the Torch Towers to stylishly feature the structure of the building, the “from the ground” facade light effect eminently matched and revealed its distinctive construction.

Shinning Tower

Shining Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Shining Tower Location: Al Khalidiyah, Abudhabi Status: On-Going Project Scope of Work: Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Appears to lean in two directions — sideways and towards one another, Shining Towers in Abu Dhabi shines brightly with just plain blue vertical and diagonal Facade Lighting that gives stress to the buildings’ leaning effect.

Al Rayyana Plaza

Al Rayyana Plaza

Façade Lighting Services for – Al Rayyana Plaza Location: Abu-Dhabi Status: On-going Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: The retail area within the Al Rayyana mid-rise residential development. The shopping centre is located in close proximity to Al Raha beach which is highlighted with the DMX effect will take you to the next level in the world of…

Boutique Hotel

Façade Lighting Services for – Boutique Hotel Location: Umm Sequim, Dubai Status: Completed in 2017 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation. Details: Boutique hotel situated in Umm Sequim Dubai is one of the most elegant designs which we made with beam effects of single colour. It will surely be a head-turner for the passersby of Umm Sequim Road.

Al Jalila

Al Jalila

Façade Lighting Services for – Al Jalila Location: Al Warqa, Dubai, UAE Status: On- Going Project Scope of Work: Design/Production/Supply/Installation.   Details : As the experience of the previous project has reflected back in Al Warqaa has now been updated with the New residential project. The historical structure has been enriched with the Façade Lighting to be more…