Design with Creative illumination to the building is what FAÇADE Lighting. Designing a basic lighting scheme requires the consideration of many factors, not just the achievement of a desired lighting level. Initializing the basic objectives must be established, such as:

• What sort of tasks will be performed in the area?
• What ‘mood’ needs to be created?
• What type of lighting will create a comfortable environment?
•What effects to be placed to give a meliorate appearance to structures?

When all of these objectives and requirements have been established, they can be expressed as a series of lighting criteria in order to facilitate a quality lighting design.

Façade Lighting Services LLC is a professional LED architectural façade lighting designer in UAE. We have a professional and advanced design philosophy in the LED field and focusing on architecture lighting for Hotels, Bridges, Commercial and Residential buildings and villas façade lighting design solutions. After many years of development we have complete concept lighting products, mainly including DMX LED wall washer, DMX LED linear lights, LED Underground light, LED Up and Down lights, LED Floodlight, LED pixel light/point light, Video strip light etc.

The movement and folds in the architectural skin of the building are accentuated through a layering of the façade lighting. Recessed window reveals have been up-lit using dimmable linear profiles with light levels either raised or lowered at crests and troughs in the elevations. Trusses have been softly up-lit and zig zag elements are individually accented with surface mounted projectors highlighting the outer surface. This enhances the perception of movement in the architecture and highlights the changes in the façade.

To humanize the scale of the building we highlight the street level elevation and provide an indirect light line to draw out the start of each level. Whilst light glowing from the large glass lobby helps to define the base.

The skyline visibility is achieved through up lights highlighting the glass and mullion structure at the crown ensuring the building is distinguishable and visible at a distance.

The lighting design proposed by us gives the unique character and a long range visibility, allowing it to be seen from miles away as an iconic addition to UAE’s Skyline.

At the external façade area, the walls of the development will be dramatically lit, creating a contrast with the brighter exterior shell. A system of light emitting diodes is to be built into the intersections of the mullion structure with the soffit in the facade. Each LED point will be individually addressable and color changing with an RGBW system, allowing for the creation of magnificent shades and pearlescent color gradients. A series of high powered projector lights will wash the external curtain wall surfaces, skimming the elevations to prevent light trespass and enhancing the mullion structure as an external shell.

With the advancement in technology, we have been constantly striving hard to reach greater heights through innovation, value engineering and sustainable progressive growth in the process providing our valuable customers a comprehensive engineering solution.

We have developed a custom LED node in cooperation with our own specialized LED manufacturer designed especially suitable for all type of environment.

The lighting design draws inspiration from the sea and the sensation of spa and relaxation, focusing on clean soothing elements interwoven with the naturally carved scenery to create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. The landscape journey is a sensory adventure achieved through low level lighting which has been designed for elegance, whilst the façade scheme subtly highlights major vertical elements and enhances architectural niches, while most of the building is kept dark.

The façade lighting emphasizes the unique architectural features of the building to create an inviting appearance during the night which can be seen from a distance.

We pride ourselves to work with high our brands with notable companies in UAE and internationally. Our clients include Construction companies, Developers, Consultants, Owners, Facilities management companies etc. We have a team of creative lighting designer, engineers and technical staff equipped with technical knowledge and wealth experience to produce innovative products. We aim in executing projects that illustrate the client’s requirement, combined with sophisticated technique that will ultimately create a significant landmark in the lighting industry.