Management of a Facade Lighting project that requires extensive and complicated installation is handled by our specialist team, who

  • Visit the site for a preliminary consultation
  • Obtain the required architectural drawings
  • Study the plans and elevations and map out the lighting distribution
  • Go in depth and calculate the lighting levels using the software that builds the house in 3D and places the lights accordingly
  • Present the client with a wholesome concept image and each lighting fixture to be used We offer an installation service (where it is required) for all the items we supply. Before the installation of work, we submit the shop drawing under the software. In that software all the lights will be placed in the auto-cad file to explain the light fixture. Clients will be explained about Facade lights fixing method, and its control accessing.

Execution perhaps is the most complex part in the business of lighting design. Architectural structures in urban spaces-the sky scrape structures, environmental and aesthetic regulations, safety and risk factor are amount of challenges to our team.

Our engineering and installation team is well equipped with state of the art machinery. Enabling our workforce to carry out our tasks with highest precision. We provide the best available tools and equipment to our workforce to perform with maximum efficiency. Our systematic approach to solutions has translated into increased productivity.

We are geared of various projects facilitate smooth execution of erection of large and complex work at project sites.

Our years of experience in civil and engineering field help us achieve this. Working under this field for years with our expert we have completed our remarkable projects.