Check whether we Built or Bought?

Facade Lighting Services LLC has its own manufacturing unit to design and make its own line of facade lighting products. We don’t believe in store products for our customers though it impacts in the outcome of our work.

Making customized handpicked design and exterior building lighting solutions give us satisfied customers and thus makes us boom in our business. As one of the world leading manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalog of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures capable of offering the industry professionals the most innovative and alternative solutions at all times.


As manufacturer of LED luminaries, Façade Lighting Services LLC assumes a guarantee period on its LED lighting products for Three* years. This warranty applies to all applicable products invoiced and sold with prices calculated with the official Price List. The period of this warranty commences on the date of purchase.



The warranty is only valid if the date of purchase is confirmed by an official invoice issued at the time of purchase. If Façade Lighting Services LLC does not have proof of date of purchase, then the purchaser will be liable for the costs of any repair or replacement that are incurred, unless these are covered by the minimum two year guarantee.

Passionate in making facade lighting for customers.



• Continuous innovation of products and performance through constant investment in research and development processes.
• Ethical business conduct.
• Anticipation of market and industry trends via direct participation to international trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.
• Products and services excellence along with focus on products safety and employees health and well-being.
• Nonstop quality, cost and efficiency improvement.
• Dedicated attention to the needs and reconciliation of customers’ interests, with the assurance that they receive an immediate, qualified and competent response.