As one of the world leading manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalog of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures capable of offering the industry professionals the most innovative and alternative solutions at all times.

Reflecting our company’s values, we recognize that the skills of our people are a major asset and play a key role in the success of our business to create also enduring customer relationships through second to none operational excellence along with unique products and services.

Through our inspired engineering and sales forces, as well as via the breadth of our products portfolio and the ability to deliver custom solutions for special lighting design needs, our vision is driven by the ambition to build long-lasting, professional and mutually profitable business partnerships.

Our innovative LED products are the solution to your lighting needs. Chosen around the world by a multitude of professionals, architects and lighting designers, our technology has virtually limitless applications. In association with all the ecological and design benefits, this has made the RGB Dimension range pioneering in its approach, breaking the boundaries in the universe of LED lighting. The use of LED fittings has remarkable advantages. The reduced power consumption results in significant savings for the end user, alongside ecofriendly efficiency.

LED lighting fixtures need virtually no maintenance and their exceptional life expectancy makes them more competitive and reliable in comparison with ordinary lighting systems. Moreover, the compact size of modern high power LED units allows for the development of luminaires, which will meet the most demanding design and installation expectations.

The capability of producing dramatic color-changing effects, achieved by the dynamic activation of sets of LED arrays or the use of the latest Full Color LED technology, allows for superb design performance and perfect adaptation for any stage or architectural environment. Our RGB Dimension range has the ability to satisfy the ever growing demand for using the allure of light and color to charm and capture even the most inattentive bystander.

We have adopted the latest developments in modern LED technology, harnessing the foremost advanced developments in high power LEDs, combining them with its experience, know-how and attitude to innovation in order to fashion cutting edge products, capable of offering professionals the most innovative and alternative lighting solutions.

Quality is a core value in Façade Lighting’s activity and such commitment pervades all of its functions and processes through a coordinated synergy between the various company departments.Its scope of application ranges from continuous innovation of products, services and processes as well as systems to safeguard the integrity, health and wellness of the company employees with a special focus to environmental respect throughout the entire product life cycle.

Specific emphasis is given to individual involvement and the key role that individuals play in promoting the cultivation of a sustainable quality culture.

Every single component of the products is tested before the final assembling and products must pass the in-house quality control before they are packed and shipped.

• Continuous innovation of products and performance through constant investment in research and development processes.
• Ethical business conduct.
• Anticipation of market and industry trends via direct participation to international trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.
• Products and services excellence along with focus on products safety and employees health and well-being.
• Nonstop quality, cost and efficiency improvement.
• Dedicated attention to the needs and reconciliation of customers’ interests, with the assurance that they receive an immediate, qualified and competent response.



As manufacturer of LED luminaires, Façade Lighting Services LLC assumes a guarantee period on its LED lighting products for Three* years. This warranty applies to all applicable products invoiced and sold with prices calculated with the official Price List. The period of this warranty commences on the date of purchase. The warranty is only valid if the date of purchase is confirmed by an official invoice issued at the time of purchase. If Façade Lighting Services LLC does not have proof of date of purchase, then the purchaser will be liable for the costs of any repair or replacement that are incurred, unless these are covered by the minimum two year guarantee.




Unlike conventional light sources, LEDs are NOT subjected to sudden failure or burnout. Instead LED’s gradually degrade in performance over their long life time – predicted to deliver an average of 70 % of initial lumen output after 50,000 hours of Operation. In an application where the light source would be lit for 12 hours per day, this would mean a system life time of over 11 years at 70 % lumen maintenance.


Since a well-designed LED fixture would last at least 10 times longer than a fixture with a conventional light source, there is no need to replace them as often, reducing or eliminating ongoing maintenance and periodic re-lamping costs. Standard incandescent lamp will typically operate for 1000 hours before failure whereas fluorescent lamp boasts approximately 9000 hours lamp life. Hence the 50,000 plus hours lamp life of our LED products can clearly reduce or eliminate ongoing maintenance and periodic re-lamping cost. It is also important to emphasize that the life time quoted for an LED product is 70 % lumen maintenance and not based on failure of lamps as in the case of conventional light sources. The long life of a solid state solution also allows for trouble free design even in extreme temperature or light shock and vibration environments. This provides enhanced design freedom without requiring provision for accessibility and replacement.


The latest Power LEDs are more efficient than incandescent and halogen light sources, with white LEDs achieving over 90 lumens or more per watt. This is becoming comparable with the more efficient light sources including fluorescent, and is starting to become a viable alternative. When looking at LEDs as an alternative, it is important to consider the total system benefits. For example, due to the decrease in energy used for the lighting of a building, the air conditioning costs drop, generating both additional and ongoing investment savings. The directional or focused output from an LED source ensures that all the light emitted is useable light rather than just light being emitted in all directions which is generally wasted. The Solid State Lighting can also produce vivid colors without the need for special filters or gels.


LEDs are typically much smaller than conventional light sources, allowing for dramatically different lighting designs capitalizing on the unobtrusiveness of the light source. Working with LEDs can enable completely hidden sources of light eliminating large visual luminaries, and creating a magical effect when illuminated. The flexibility of LEDs allows for new, playful, and innovative lighting solutions, never previously conceivable.


LEDs do not require filters to create colored light, resulting in deeper saturated colors without wasted light. Deep reds, greens, blues and other colors can be produced in mono-chromatic form directly from the LED itself. With conventional light sources, when filters are used, they block out the undesired portions of white light and only let the desired portions through the blocked light that is not the correct color is therefore lost energy. On traffic lights for example, a 12 Watt LED array in red has replaced a 150 Watt bulb, resulting in dramatic power savings due to the higher efficiency of colored light generation. These strong primary colors can also be used to create RGB color mix systems with a vast array of colors being achieved.


The light emitted from an LED is directional. Typical conventional light sources are Omni-directional, emitting light in all directions. To direct the light, reflectors have to be used in order to direct the light onto the object to be illuminated. Each time a beam is reflected, it loses some of its intensity resulting in a fixture loss from 40 to 60%, meaning that in some cases more than half of the light is not directed in the desired direction. The directed nature of LEDs can result in fitting efficiencies of 80 to 90%, requiring less total lumens to provide the same level of luminance.


LEDs are solid state devices containing no moving parts and no filaments to burn out. As such LEDs handle tough environments including heavy vibration and impact. There is nothing to break, rupture, shatter, leak or contaminate. This solid state nature of LEDs makes them extremely rugged and durable and therefore an ideal solution for applications where reliability is paramount. Many light sources in use today are not well suited to cold environments, with some requiring special drivers to enable ignition. Cold start is not a problem with LEDs suitable for ambient temperatures down to -40˚C, simplifying design and reducing costs for these specific applications.


LEDs are fully dimmable with standard driver technologies without sacrificing any characteristic of the light. Our control gear is available for 1-10 Volt, DMX or Digital Dimming, offering smooth and accurate color control without any shift in color. One key advantage of our technology is a much lower Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) (5 times lower), over our competitors PWM solutions. Low EMI is extremely important for applications such as Health Care Facilities where this interference is detrimental to equipment used for Life Safety, for Avionics and other EMI sensitive applications. This is a great example of the technological advantages offered by us.


Unlike fluorescent light sources, LEDs contain no mercury. Eliminating mercury from the lighting system will enable you to meet future increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


Conventional light sources contain invisible radiation as well as the visible component of the light in the beam. The radiation can be very short wavelength blue, known as ultraviolet, or long wavelength red, known as infrared, which causes heat. The ultraviolet can and will damage materials, cause color changes and eventually degrade most materials on which it shines. For museums and other applications where ultraviolet light is a liability, LEDs are therefore the ideal solution. The low heat characteristics of LEDs are also important in areas where the fitting cannot run hot. Already we have replaced several ‘hot’ in ground applications where halogen fittings have been creating major safety problems due to their excessive heat.