• Lotus Hotel

Lotus Hotel

Façade Lighting Services for – Lotus Hotel Location: Deira,Dubai Status: Completed in 2014 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Single color effect with Static work for this hotel giving the external illumination with pleasant view.
  • Damac Distiction

Damac Distinction

Façade Lighting Services for – Damac Distinction Location: Burj Khalifa District, Dubai Status: Completed in 2016. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Magnificent and grand in facade lighting, Damac Distinction in Burj Khalifa District may top the list. Its overall formation was accentuated starting from the topmost up until the podium. A combination of warm white and…

Premiere Inn Hotel

Facade Lighting Services for – Premiere Inn Hotel Location: Silicon Oasis, Dubai Status: Completed in 2013 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Single color with Static effect work for this hotel which comes with the best solution for their building.

  • Le Royal Merridiean

Le Royal Meridien

Façade Lighting Services for – Le Royal Meridien Location: Abu-Dhabi Status: Completed Project Scope of Work: Design – supply – Installation   Details: We have enriched the Royal Le Meridian Hotel, Abu Dhabi to make it more enthusiastic with the joy of happiness for the customers in the presence of colourful lights in a presentable way.

Avivo Hospital - Facade Light

Avivo Hospital

Façade Lighting Services for – Avivo Hospital Location: Abu-Dhabi Status: On-going Scope of Work: Design / Supply / Installation   Details: Elegantly designed and perfectly installed facade lights for Avivo Hospital is one of a recent exemplification of our best works!

Goldcrest View

Façade Lighting Services for – Goldcrest View Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Status: Completed in 2013 Scope of Work: Design / Production / Supply / Installation   Details: Goldcrest View is one of the startup projects of Facade Lighting having a curved structure in which we have only designed for the crown. This effect will make the…

  • Kay Investment Building

    Kay Investment Building

KAY Investments Building

Façade Lighting Services for – KAY Investments Building Location: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Status: Completed in 2016. Scope of Work:Design/Production/Supply/Installation.   Details: Creativity with the illumination of full building in contrast to the color and architecture which was not exposed in the daytime with a warm and pleasant view of lighting in Ras Al Khaimah.

Mosque Al Sharbatly

Mosque Al Sharbatly

Façade Lighting Services for – Mosque Al Sharbatly Location: Motor City, Dubai Status: On-Going Project. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: As we believe there is always a creator for each and every life in the world.The religious spirit surrounds our life and it’s our honour to highlight the soul of the mosque with Facade Lighting in Motor…

  • First Gulf Bank

First Gulf Bank

Façade Lighting Services for – First Gulf Bank Location: Jumeirah, Dubai Status: Completed in 2014 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: FGB is one of our first Bank building which we highlight with an alluring design of facade lighting. you can find this elegant design in Palm Jumeirah.