Sofitel Hotel

Façade Lighting Services for – Sofitel Hotel Location: Downtown, Dubai Status: Completed in 201 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Embracing simplicity, Sofitel was designed with the minimal static light effect. The buildings’ two crowns, as well as the podium, are highlighted extravagantly despite the simple outline.

  • Tourch Tower

Torch Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Torch Tower Location: Dubai Marina Status: Completed in 2016 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Since a very unique and spiral framework was done to the Torch Towers to stylishly feature the structure of the building, the “from the ground” facade light effect eminently matched and revealed its distinctive construction.

Boutique Hotel

Façade Lighting Services for – Boutique Hotel Location: Umm Sequim, Dubai Status: Completed in 2017 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation. Details: Boutique hotel situated in Umm Sequim Dubai is one of the most elegant designs which we made with beam effects of single colour. It will surely be a head-turner for the passersby of Umm Sequim Road.