• Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower

Façade Lighting Services for – Cayan Tower Location: Dubai Marina Status: Completed in 2015 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Cayan Tower famous for its twist and structure, placing the iconic attraction all over the Marina with Façade Lighting where the lights are fixed with the perfect dimensions as per the structure is highly highlighted.The screen on…

  • Umm Shief Showroom

Umm Shief Showroom

Façade Lighting Services for – UMM Sheif Showroom Location: Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai. Status: Completed in 2017 Scope of Work: Design, Production/Supply and Installation. Details: This showroom is near to Bentley and illuminated with multicolor dynamic effect. Brightness at nights glows the show at sheik zayed road side view with more attraction for customers.

  • Global Village

Global Village Cultural Stadium

Façade Lighting Services for – Global Village Cultural Stadium Location: Dubai. Status: Completed. Scope of Work: Design/Production/Supply/Installation. Details: Global Village-Stands for the Traditional and cultural value of different countries which was centred with the cultural stadium illuminated with the permanent solution of lightings from Façade Lighting Services with millions of effect with the multi-colour changes.

  • Emirates Speciality Hospital

Emirates Specialty Hospital

Façade Lighting Services for – Emirates Grand Speciality Hospital Location: Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai. Status: Completed. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation. Details: First Healthcare project of Facade Lighting services is Emirates Grand Speciality Hospital. We deserved to work with our clients for our services of Design, Supply, and Installation.

  • Dubai Cultural Village

Dubai Cultural Village

Façade Lighting Services for – Dubai Cultural Village Location: Al Jadaf, Dubai Status: Completed in 2016. Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: Culture Village unites old world elegance and modern ambience, creating a truly memorable dest. The warm chosen colour of lights gives a classical blush on the structure itself.

  • Chealsea Plaza

Chealsea Plaza

Façade Lighting Services for – Chelsea Plaza Hotel Location: Al Satwa, Dubai Status: Completed in 2012 Scope of Work:Design/Production/Supply/Installation. Details: Multicolor effect with dynamic programing work for this hotel to place the best attraction for their customers.

  • Time Grand Plaza

Time Grand Plaza

Façade Lighting Services for – Times Grand Plaza 3Hotel Location: Al Quiz,Dubai Status: Completed in 2013 Scope of Work:Design/Production-Supply/Installation.   Details: This project places the iconic attraction for all viewers through road side and for customers. It has the best multicolor effect placed and dynamic programing work for the light.