Expert in manufacturing the products, we give the best service for the supply from our factory. FACADE Light Supply is the best service for providing the material on time schedule which satisfies the clients need immediately. As per the clients brief on the finalized design. Our supply team ensures that the right products are made available in right quantity, at right place, in right time. Through our streamlined operations, project management skills and market, the supply team has proven to be a competent factor. Supply team in charged able to contribute considerably cost savings for our esteemed customers to increase the bond connectivity.

LED luminaires are easy to install. Ready for immediate use and ideal for facade lighting applications due to wide color spectrum of RGB and white tones. The luminaires set the company building in an attractive light. Accentuate the brand name and the logo. Products consume less energy, maintenance costs is minimizing due to a long service life and outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions.

Our contributed team further places the request for the mock up test on sample to our client’s which benefit to understand the product on the outdoor facade building to ensure the illumination. Products are well explained to the clients before installed. Product explanation will be under single color based or RGB effect based. Where RGB effect gives out the multi-color effect to the building playing with millions of color.