Name : Al Suhub Rest Area
Category : Facade Lighting Service
City : Khorfakkan - Sharjah
Status : Completed
Year : 2021
Client : Shades Interiors
Overview: Facade Lighting Services LLC is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the lighting enhancement project for the Al Suhub Rest Area in Sharjah, Khorfakkan. This project aimed to elevate the nighttime ambiance and safety of the rest area through innovative lighting solutions, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal for visitors and travelers.
Project Scope: The project encompassed a comprehensive assessment of the lighting requirements for the Al Suhub Rest Area, followed by the meticulous design, installation, and testing of customized lighting fixtures and systems. Facade Lighting Services LLC collaborated closely with the rest area management to ensure that the lighting design met the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and durability.


Initial Consultation

Facade Lighting Services LLC conducted detailed consultations with the Al Suhub Rest Area in Sharjah management to understand their lighting requirements, safety concerns, and aesthetic preferences.

Design Phase

Our team of experienced lighting designers meticulously crafted tailored lighting designs to address the rest area’s specific needs and objectives. This involved selecting optimal fixtures, placements, and lighting techniques to achieve the desired illumination levels and ambiance.


Skilled technicians from Facade Lighting Services LLC executed the installation of the lighting fixtures with precision and expertise, ensuring seamless integration with the rest area’s infrastructure and landscape.

Testing and Calibration 

Rigorous testing and calibration procedures were conducted to validate the performance, reliability, and consistency of the lighting systems, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

Lighting Specification

Fixture Selection 

High-quality LED fixtures renowned for their durability, energy efficiency, and superior light quality were carefully chosen for the project. Fixtures were selected to provide adequate illumination for pedestrian walkways, parking areas, seating zones, and other functional spaces within the rest area.

Color Temperature 

Neutral and warm white LED lighting was employed to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for visitors, enhancing their overall experience in the rest area.

Safety Lighting 

Motion-sensor-activated lights and pathway markers were strategically placed to enhance safety and visibility during nighttime hours, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring peace of mind for patrons.

Control Systems 

Advanced lighting control systems were integrated to enable remote monitoring, scheduling, and dimming functionalities, allowing for efficient management and optimization of energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

The lighting solutions implemented prioritized energy efficiency and sustainability, incorporating smart controls and energy-saving features to minimize operational costs and environmental impact.

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The successful completion of the Al Suhub Rest Area in Sahrjah lighting enhancement project by Facade Lighting Services LLC demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality lighting solutions that enhance the functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of public spaces. The transformed nighttime illumination not only enhances the visitor experience at the Al Suhub Rest Area but also underscores its importance as a vital roadside amenity within the Khorfakkan region, contributing to the overall well-being and satisfaction of travelers and patrons alike.