What are Popular Types of Outdoor Lighting in India?

Outdoor lighting in India is diverse and often reflects a blend of traditional and modern design elements. Popular types of outdoor lighting in India include:

Lanterns and Hanging Lights

Indian outdoor spaces are frequently adorned with traditional lanterns and hanging lights, which add to the lively atmosphere. Some of them are also used for facade lighting in India. They come in a variety of materials, including glass and metal, and frequently have elaborate designs. The hanging lights and lanterns serve as decorative accents that add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the outdoor spaces, in addition to providing illumination. These lanterns are a favorite for both traditional and modern settings because of their elaborate patterns and motifs, which capture the rich cultural legacy of India.

String Lights

In India, string lights are a popular option for outdoor lighting, both on special occasions and on regular days. Reputable facade lighting companies in India frequently provide them, and they come in a variety of colors and forms that provide a lively and playful touch to outdoor seating areas, balconies, and gardens. To create a lively and celebratory atmosphere, homes are frequently decked out with string lights during holidays like Diwali. For long-term outdoor lighting solutions, these lights are a sensible option because they are long-lasting and energy-efficient.

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Garden Path Lights

In India, path lights are placed in strategic locations along driveways, garden walks, and walkways to improve the overall aesthetics of the outdoor area in addition to providing useful illumination. They are well-liked solutions for outdoor garden lights in India since they are available in a variety of forms and may even include solar-powered versions for energy efficiency. Through the illumination of potential hazards like steps or uneven surfaces, these path lights not only improve the outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal but also guarantee safety. Furthermore, because solar-powered options are readily available, they are a green option because they use less electricity and have a smaller carbon footprint. Our facade lighting services offer premium quality outdoor lights, outdoor garden lights, outdoor LED lights, etc. and we also provide the best facade lighting in Dubai.

Wall Sconces

In India, wall-mounted sconces are frequently used to light external walls, balconies, and doorways. These fixtures, which range in style from modern to traditional, go well with the house’s overall architecture and are well-liked options for outdoor lighting in India. Wall-mounted sconces give Indian homes’ exteriors a touch of elegance and charm in addition to providing useful lighting. They provide homeowners the opportunity to customize their outdoor areas and set a warm and inviting tone for visitors thanks to their extensive range of designs and finishes. Contact us!


In India, people frequently utilize floodlights in outdoor areas for both basic lighting and security. They are flexible options for outdoor lights in India since they come in various wattages and may be utilized to draw attention to particular characteristics, such as landscape elements or building details. Large public areas like stadiums, parks, and monuments are frequently lit with floodlights in India. Furthermore, because of their concentrated and bright beams, they are perfect for improving visibility at night or outdoor events.

Landscape Lighting

In India, landscape lighting is utilized to draw attention to particular outdoor features including trees, plants, and water features. In the evening, this kind of lighting gives the landscape more depth and aesthetic appeal. For this reason, many people choose energy-efficient options, such as outdoor LED lights in India. The long lifespan and low energy consumption of LED lights make them a popular option for landscape lighting in India. These lights also minimize electricity costs while adding a bright, focused illumination that enhances the attractiveness of the outdoor area.

Decorative Lamps

India’s outdoor seating areas benefit from the warm, welcoming ambiance that decorative lighting, such as outdoor tables and floor lamps, helps to create. Their popularity for improving outdoor lighting in India derives from the fact that they frequently use weather-resistant materials to survive outside environments. The outdoor lighting fixtures are guaranteed to withstand the severe weather conditions that are typical in India, including rain and extremely high temperatures, thanks to the weather-resistant materials used. These seating areas are further enhanced by the addition of elegance and sophistication provided by the outdoor table and floor lamps, which draw in more guests.

Pendant Lights

Outdoor pendant lights can be used to light dining or seating spaces, suspended from overhead structures. They come in a variety of designs, including contemporary and classic styles. These pendant lights give any outdoor environment a hint of elegance in addition to illumination. Outdoor pendant lights are versatile in appearance and functionality, making them ideal for creating a statement or a cozy atmosphere.

Bollard Lights

Tall, thin lights known as bollard lights are frequently used to border driveways and paths. They can improve outdoor space safety and navigation by offering a blend of ambient and practical lighting. Due to their sturdy and weather-resistant construction, bollard lights can be used outdoors in a variety of climates. Their streamlined, contemporary style also enhances the visual appeal of the entire area by adding aesthetic appeal to any outdoor setting.

Solar Lights

Solar-powered lighting is becoming more and more common as sustainability becomes more and more important. These lights provide an environmentally friendly lighting solution by using solar energy during the day to illuminate outdoor areas at night. Solar-powered lights not only help cut down on carbon emissions and electricity costs, but they also lessen dependency on conventional energy sources. Furthermore, these lights are now more economical and effective thanks to developments in solar technology, which makes them a well-liked option for both home and business use.

It is important that the selection of outdoor lighting in India might differ depending on personal preferences, cultural influences, and geographic location. If you want to need outdoor lights, visit us!

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