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We are the best company for facade lighting in Dubai and are experts in designing, installing, and maintaining outside lighting for structures. Our facade lighting can be utilized to enhance a building’s aesthetic, boost nighttime visibility, and produce a friendlier ambiance. Our team of experts is very competent in designing custom lighting solutions that match the specific requirements of each customer. We combine cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to create installations that are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and visually attractive.

From initial design consulting to ongoing maintenance and support, we offer it all. We collaborate closely with architects, builders, and property owners to finish each project on schedule and under budget. We have the skills and experience to create great outcomes whether you require simple accent lighting or a complicated system of dynamic LED displays. With our experienced facade lighting service, you can rely on us to turn your building into a work of art.

Why ? Facade Lighting Services

In 2010, we founded Facade Lighting Services, LLC. We are supplying facade lights all around Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and we are also making a good effort in countries like India, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We provide a variety of services, including design, installation, and maintenance. We are one of the largest lighting suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We provide outstanding lighting services at a very reasonable cost and have never been known to skimp on the standard of our work. Our team makes your buildings beautiful and attractive with facade lighting as per your wish.

We are not limited to providing lighting services. Creating dynamic and immersive lighting experiences for public areas, hotels, and events is another area of expertise. Using cutting-edge technology and creative design solutions, we make sure that every project we take on reflects our customers’ vision and goes above and beyond their expectations.

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ashwini rachelashwini rachel
08:51 10 Jul 23
Stunning and most admiring work 😍😍😍😍 completely changed the night view of the property with facade lighting magic'✨🪄✨
15:08 06 Jul 23
One of the Professionals In Facade Lighting. They are good at what they do.. highly recommended
Haja NajmudeenHaja Najmudeen
22:18 26 Apr 23
I never ever seeing like this company, Good job Team keep it rocking all the best for you future Goals ❤️
R.K.B. ManiR.K.B. Mani
07:48 31 Mar 22
Raja MaruthaiRaja Maruthai
01:12 15 Sep 21
I have been seeing through your GREAT TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES , achievements and rapid innovation towards fast faced growing country like UAE along with you kind and healing nature for those who affectedwith the pandemic interms of shelter and jobs etc.Great team and Great services.
Thoufeeq AhamedThoufeeq Ahamed
16:00 25 Jun 19
Facade team is a very unique and creative team. working with passion and new ideas... i personally recommend this is the best lighting company in UAE...

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