Frequently Asked Questions ( F.A.Q )

What is facade lighting, and why is it important?

Facade lighting is a technique that involves the use of exterior lighting to illuminate and enhance the exterior of a building or structure. Facade lighting highlights architectural details, makes a visual effect, and improves the atmosphere of a city at night.

What types of facade lighting services are available to you?

Facade lighting services include design, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of lighting systems. We also offer customized solutions based on a building's architecture and specific requirements.

Are there any guarantees available for your facade lighting systems?

The particular product and terms of purchase determine whether guarantees are available for our facade lighting systems. For complete details on guarantees, check the product documentation or contact our customer support.

How do I get a quote for facade lighting services for my project?

It is necessary to provide your project details, such as the building's type, size, architectural characteristics, and any special requirements or lighting preferences.  After that, our team will prepare the quotation for the building.

Do you have lighting options that can be altered to match various architectural styles?

Yes, at Façade Lighting Services, we offer precisely crafted, bespoke façade lighting solutions that accentuate the distinctive beauty of various architectural styles.

What is the cost structure for your facade lighting services?

Our pricing policy for façade lighting services is clear, cost-effective, and designed to provide each client with outstanding value.

Are your facade lighting solutions suitable for both new and existing buildings?

Yes, our façade lighting solutions are suitable for both new construction projects and existing buildings because they are made to be customizable and adaptable.

How does your company stand out from other facade lighting service providers?

We offer creative, unique, and adaptable facade lighting solutions supported by in-depth knowledge, technology integration, and a dedication to energy efficiency and customer satisfaction that sets us apart.

Are facade lighting solutions waterproof or not?

Each facade lighting's waterproofing technique varies according to their product specifications. We provide weather-resistant and waterproof alternatives made to withstand outside elements. If you would like to know more information about the waterproofing techniques of the facade lighting system and solutions, please contact our team.

How Can I Get in Touch With Support?

You can reach us by call at +971505675715 or by email at