facade lighting system dubai
Name : Journalist Association Building
Category : Facade Lighting Service
City : Dubai
Status : Completed
Year : 2020
Client : Ojid Interior Decoration
Overview: Facade Lighting Services LLC is pleased to announce the successful completion of the lighting enhancement project for the esteemed Journalist Association Building in Dubai. This project aimed to elevate the nighttime ambiance and architectural allure of the building through innovative lighting solutions, further enhancing its significance as a hub for media professionals in the city.
Project Scope: The project encompassed a comprehensive assessment of the lighting requirements for the Journalist Association Building, followed by the meticulous design, installation, and testing of customized lighting fixtures and systems. Facade Lighting Services LLC collaborated closely with the building's management to ensure that the lighting design not only enhanced its visual prominence but also reflected its role as a symbol of journalistic excellence and integrity.


Initial Consultation 

Facade Lighting Services LLC conducted detailed consultations with the Journalist Association Building’s management to understand their vision, preferences, and lighting requirements for the project.

Design Phase

Our team of experienced lighting designers meticulously crafted tailored lighting designs to accentuate the building’s architectural features, façade, and symbolic elements. This involved selecting optimal fixtures, placements, and lighting techniques to create a dignified and visually striking illumination scheme.


Skilled technicians from Facade Lighting Services LLC executed the installation of the lighting fixtures with precision and expertise, ensuring seamless integration with the Journalist Association Building’s exterior façade and interior spaces.

Testing and Calibration 

Rigorous testing and calibration procedures were conducted to validate the performance, reliability, and consistency of the lighting systems, ensuring optimal functionality and alignment with the building’s aesthetic and operational requirements.

Lighting Specification

Fixture Selection 

High-quality LED fixtures renowned for their durability, color rendering capabilities, and energy efficiency were carefully selected for the project. Fixtures were strategically positioned to highlight key architectural elements, such as the façade, entrance, and emblematic features of the Journalist Association Building.

Color Temperature

A neutral color temperature was chosen to create a dignified and professional atmosphere within the building’s interior and outdoor spaces, reflecting the journalistic values of objectivity and integrity.

Accent Lighting

Directional spotlights, linear fixtures, and decorative lighting elements were used to accentuate specific design features, such as the association’s logo or architectural details, adding visual interest and reinforcing the building’s identity.

Control Systems

Advanced lighting control systems were integrated to allow for dynamic programming and sequencing, enabling the Journalist Association Building’s lighting to adapt to different events, occasions, and symbolic gestures while maximizing energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

Energy Efficiency 

The lighting solutions implemented prioritized energy efficiency and sustainability, incorporating smart controls, occupancy sensors, and dimming functionalities to minimize energy consumption without compromising the Journalist Association Building’s visual impact or operational needs.

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The successful completion of the Journalist Association Building lighting enhancement project by Facade Lighting Services LLC underscores our commitment to delivering innovative, visually compelling, and environmentally conscious lighting solutions that enhance cultural landmarks and public spaces. The revitalized illumination not only accentuates the architectural significance and symbolic importance of the Journalist Association Building but also creates a dignified and inspiring ambiance for journalists and visitors to gather, collaborate, and uphold the principles of free press and democracy in Dubai.